Knowledgeable Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Orange County

truck-accidentsBeing involved in a truck crash can result in anything from whiplash to death. The compassionate legal team at Farnell & Norman, PC can help you receive compensation to cover medical bills, recoup lost wages and pay for future medical treatment resulting from the accident. Our personal injury firm has successfully litigated countless cases throughout Orange County, and each of our attorneys understand the difficulties you and your family are facing.

You Must Act Quickly

By contacting Farnell & Norman, PC as soon as possible, we can ensure that valuable evidence is preserved and witnesses are contacted. Physical evidence found at the scene of an accident has the tendency to disappear, and other relevant evidence may be destroyed within days of your injury. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation. And remember, our contingency fee basis ensures that you’ll pay us nothing unless we’re successful.

Listening Compassionately, Litigating Aggressively

The trusted personal injury attorneys at Farnell & Norman, PC can help you evaluate the real value of your claim and determine who’s liable for your recovery. It’s essential that you work with an experienced trucking accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected, both now and moving forward.

The aggressive truck accident attorneys at Farnell & Norman, PC know what it takes to help you and your family obtain the outcome you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation today by calling (949) 553-1300.