Sensitive Attorney Handling Sexual Discrimination Cases with Care & Strategy in Orange County

It is illegal under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to harass or discriminate against someone in the workplace based on their gender or sexual orientation. This covers a wide range of inappropriate behavior, from unwanted sexual advances to sexually-motivated slurs. Farnell & Norman, PC has represented hundreds of clients who have been traumatized at work after enduring unfair and bigoted treatment. We will work tirelessly to support you and undo the wrongs you have experienced.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a legal term which describes sexual maltreatment or discrimination against an individual in the workplace. The resulting injuries can be physical, financial and/or emotional. There are numerous questions that you may have prior to taking action as a result of such behavior. Objectively, these matters are often difficult to discuss. We know it takes an immense amount of courage to hold your accuser accountable and embark on the journey to justice. We’re your allies in this fight.

Sexual Orientation

Your sexual orientation is no one’s business but your own and in an ideal world, it would never even come up in a professional setting. Unfortunately, sexual orientation discrimination remains an enormous problem, even in a progressive state like California. We represent clients who have experienced discrimination based on their real or perceived sexual orientation with the goals of ending the undignified treatment and seek retribution.

LGBTQ Rights

It can be difficult to keep up with changing laws and statutes regarding LGBTQ rights, especially considering they vary from state to state. We take pride in remaining informed of all California and federal protections and put all of our knowledge into practice when handling sexual discrimination cases.

You’re Not Alone — We’re Here to Help

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are never acceptable and you should not feel pressured to endure it or keep quiet, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. We know that choosing to speak out about injustice is difficult and may seem pointless in the short-term, but if you decide to fight this noble battle we will serve as the supportive and committed legal team you need.

Farnell & Norman, PC represents Irvine and Orange County employees who have experienced sexual discrimination in the workplace. Please contact our office today at (949) 553-1300 to get started. We’ll help you make the situation right and hold those responsible accountable.