Protecting Orange County Employees From Racial Harassment

The compassionate legal team at Farnell & Norman, PC is dedicated to helping those dealing with racial harassment and an otherwise hostile work environment. These issues are often extremely painful for all involved and must be addressed quickly. If you have been the target of racial harassment, it’s essential that you contact a California employment law attorney as soon as possible.

Orange County Racial Harassment Lawyers

In the workplace, general harassment, such as yelling, screaming and/or using demeaning language is not unlawful if it’s the result of a minor interpersonal conflict. Such conduct is illegal if the harasser is motivated by racial prejudice. This type of harassment is illegal if it’s sufficiently severe or pervasive enough to alter the conditions of employment and create a hostile or abusive work environment.

Racial prejudice may be proven by demonstrating that others of different races were treated more favorably. Racial motive may also be inferred from discriminatory remarks, stereotypes, racial joking and/or slurs. Since the conduct must be “unwelcome” in order to qualify as a violation of the law, a case is usually strongest where the employee has asked the harasser to stop and/or reported the conduct to a superior.

Reporting Racial Harassment

Reporting inappropriate behavior is particularly important when the harasser is a coworker rather than a supervisor. If the harassment is perpetrated by a coworker, you will usually need to show that a supervisory employee knew or should have known of the problem and failed to take action to correct it. If the harasser is a supervisor, the employer will be liable for his conduct whether she or he knew about it or not.

Listening Compassionately, Litigating Aggressively

The experienced employment law attorneys at Farnell & Norman, PC abhor racial prejudice in all its forms. Our decades of work on behalf of Irvine workers has solidified our reputation as Orange County’s premier employment law and personal injury firm, and there’s nothing we value more than protecting the rights and emotional well-being of our clients. If you or someone you love has been victimized by racial discrimination, please contact our office as soon as possible.

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