Reputable Employment Law Attorneys Representing Employees Suffering Age Discrimination in Orange County

Age discrimination protects employees who are 40 or older who may be forced out of work through direct or indirect means in an effort to hire someone younger. In an ideal world, your experience and knowledge should make you a valued team member and/or attractive applicant, but in some cases, the opposite is true.

An Inconvenient Time

Since the economic recession in 2008, age discrimination lawsuits have risen steadily. Employers often want to pay less in salary to younger employees who are eager to working their field of choice. Oftentimes older employees bear the brunt of this methodology. We help clients who have been abused because of their age obtain justice and a path forward.

Age is a Protected Class in Employment

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was passed in 1967 in order to prevent employers for firing capable and deserving employees in an effort to pay less in salaries or continuing education endeavors. Unfortunately, many employees attempt to skirt this law. Examples include posting ads for recent graduates despite the fact that years of experience are needed to complete daily tasks or putting peer pressure on older employees to leave a job.

You Have Grounds for Legal Recourse

If you have suffered adverse working conditions as a result of your age, we can help you correct this situation. We will listen to the details of your case and advise you which employment law agency through which to file a complaint. We will serve as your legal advocate throughout the process until we are confident the situation has been rectified. Contact us today to get started.

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