Helping Irvine Employees Negotiate Severance Agreements

severance-agreementsCommonly referred to as “general releases,” “termination agreements” and/or “exit agreements,” severance agreements allow employers to provide an immediate payment in exchange for their employee(s) forfeiting any and all legal rights regarding employment law violations connected with the company.

Who Benefits From Severance Agreements?

It should go without saying that severance agreements by and large benefit California employers. Many employers use intentionally vague language in their severance agreements to shield themselves from potential lawsuits and legal liability. By having an employee sign away their right to sue or take other legal action, an employer can successfully avoid paying for any infraction they may have caused.

Negotiating & Signing a Severance Agreement

Keep in mind that you should never allow your employer to pressure and/or force you into signing a severance agreement. As with any other contract, the terms — including the amount of money to which you may be entitled — are negotiable. Carefully read the severance agreement and make sure you understand your obligations.

When to Avoid Signing a Severance Agreement

If you feel your termination to be unfair, do not sign a severance agreement. The reason for this is simple: why forfeit your legal rights when your employer may have acted unlawfully? Additionally, if you are getting laid off (or quitting) due to harassment and/or retaliation, contact an experienced labor law attorney before signing any agreement offered by your employer. Lastly, if the severance agreement includes language regarding non-compete and/or non-disclosure clauses, or admissions of fault, do not sign the agreement.

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