Principled Employment Law Attorney Defending Victims of Hostile Work Environments in Orange County

person holding penDoes your boss or manager make offensive comments about you or your coworkers based on your race, gender, or religion? If so, you have an actionable case of discrimination by way of creating a hostile work environment and Farnell & Norman, PC can help you make it right.

What Constitutes a Hostile Work Environment?

The legal definition of a hostile work environment is one in which management makes (or allows anyone in the workplace to make) discriminatory comments or conduct based on a status of a protected class that are so severe or pervasive that they interfere with an employee’s ability to perform their duties. In some cases the behavior need not be a result of someone’s status as a protected employee, but is severe or pervasive enough that it prevents employees from performing the essential functions of their jobs in a safe and reasonable manner.

These behaviors are extreme and egregious, but they occur with an unfortunate frequency in many professional settings.

Examples of Hostile Work Environments

There are countless behaviors which could contribute to a hostile work environment, but several examples we have helped clients with include:

  • Management makes offensive racial slurs or jokes or is aware of employees making these comments and does nothing to stop the behavior or punish it.
  • Management or employees are permitted to act or react aggressively or violently within the workplace; e.g. punching holes in walls or physically intimidating coworkers in the course of a dispute.
  • Older employees are harassed and intimidated to the point of quitting so younger replacements with lower salary requirements can be hired in their place.
  • A person of color is routinely denied promotion while less-qualified Caucasian employees rapidly move up.
  • Female employees are touched without their permission or made to suffer sexist remarks with no recourse.

You Must Speak Up & Write It Down

Essentially, in all cases of hostile work environment harassment cases, management must be aware of the inappropriate behavior and fail to stop it from occurring again. If your coworker routinely makes you uncomfortable but you don’t tell anyone about it, you likely do not have a successful discrimination claim. If you are currently experiencing harassment at work, we recommend you start documenting every instance with the date it occurred on and who was involved. We will be able to argue your case much more strongly if you keep a detailed log of the abuse.

You Deserve to Work in a Safe & Respectful Environment

No one should have to suffer abuse as a condition of going to work. If you work in a culture of harassment and discrimination, chances are you are not the only one on staff who is hurting and biding their time. Pursuing a hostile work environment claim could help many people as well as yourself. We will help you every step of the way and seek justice relentlessly.

Farnell & Norman, PC has been defending the rights of Irvine and Orange County employees experiencing the negative effects of a hostile work environment for over 30 years. We can help you get the justice you deserve. Contact our Irvine office today by calling (949) 553-1300.