Fountain Valley is located in Orange County, California. Its population, coming in at just over 55,000 as of the 2010 U.S. Census, is comprised of primarily middle-class families. As is true of numerous communities throughout Orange County, Fountain Valley was originally inhabited by members of the Tongva Native American Tribe.

A Rich & Diverse History

Long ago, the land now known as Fountain Valley was controlled by the Mexican government. It wasn’t until Mexico and the United States signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that Fountain Valley became American property. Originally known as Talbert, the city of Fountain Valley was officially incorporated in the late 1950s.

Fountain Valley’s early history was punctuated by a heavy agriculture presence and a heretofore unheard of acceptance of Asian-Americans. Indeed, Fountain Valley’s first mayor was James Kanno, the first Japanese-American to lead a U.S. city. After the Vietnam War ended, many Vietnamese refugees chose Fountain Valley as their new home.

Major Economic Actors in Fountain Valley, California

Fountain Valley’s top employers include Fry’s Electronics, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center, Hyundai Motor America, D-Link, HRC Manor Care, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, Costco, Ceridian, Kingston Technology, SureFire and Hyundai Capital.

Educating America’s Future

Fountain Valley is the home of Coastline Community College, Fountain Valley High School, Valley Vista High School, Los Amigos High School, Harry C. Fulton Middle School, Talbert Middle School, Kazoo Masuda Middle School, Allen Elementary School, Monroe Elementary School, Northcutt Elementary School, Newline Elementary School, Gisler Elementary School, Tamura Elementary School, Plavan Elementary School, Cox Elementary School and Courreges Elementary School.

Walk of Fame

Notable residents of Fountain Valley include the most beautiful woman on Earth, Keri Russell, as well as C.J. Wilson, Summer Alice, Travis Denker, Amanda Freed, Carl Harry, Luke Hudson, Chay Lapin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dan McClintock, Nick Scandone, Casey Janssen and Andre Sommersell.

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