Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is typically limited to discrimination based on one’s age, sex, national origin, religion or disability. If you have been disciplined, terminated or demoted as a result of such a characteristic please call our firm immediately. Such discrimination can lead to serious emotional distress and place an enormous strain on one’s professional and family life. Our firm has the experience and resources to obtain maximum recovery on these complex cases.

Orange County Discrimination Attorneys

There are many forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace and it may not always be overt and easily recognized. It is important to seek the assistance of a qualified employment law attorney if you have any questions. It is illegal for an employer to discipline, fire, deny training to, fail to promote, harass or refuse to hire an employee based upon his or her race, national origin, gender, or religion. If you feel that you may have been violated in any of these ways, Farnell and Norman are experienced workplace discrimination lawyers who can help to explain your options and protect your legal rights regarding cases of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment or other workplace issues.

Job Applicants

Freedom from discrimination based on age, race, gender, nationality, or religion also extend to job applicants. There is information that an employer may not seek out from a potential employee. An employer may not conduct a credit or background check of an employee or prospective employee unless the employer notifies the individual in writing and receives permission to do so. Consult with a labor law lawyer if you feel any of these rights have been compromised.

Age Discrimination

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits an employer from discriminating against any employee because that employee is over forty (40) years old. An inference of discrimination is usually raised by showing that the employee,

  • Belongs to a protected class (i.e., is over forty (40))
  • Was subjected to an adverse employment action (like termination, demotion, suspension).
  • Similarly situated employees outside the protected class were treated differently and more favorably.

In addition to raising an inference of discrimination in the manner set forth above, an employee may do so via statistical evidence, comparative evidence, or direct evidence. Direct evidence, such as discriminatory comments made by the decisionmaker, is often the most persuasive. However, in larger companies, it may be possible to use statistical analysis to demonstrate that the employer systematically discriminates against a particular race in hiring, promotions and terminations. Such evidence would raise an inference that the action taken against a particular employee of that race was also infected by racial animus or prejudice. Comparative evidence also raises an inference of discrimination by showing that different rules and standards were applied for persons of different races.

Because discrimination cases usually turn on specific facts, and there is usually a 1-year time limit for filing, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after a potentially discriminatory action has been taken.

Don’t Wait

In many types of discrimination the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) must first review the claim and the filing deadline is short, often no more than 180 days. Meeting with our experienced labor and employment lawyers at the earliest possibility will ensure that the opportunity for compensation and resolution isn’t lost.

At Farnell & Norman, will investigate the circumstances of your discrimination case, collect relevant evidence, and choose the most appropriate legal venue in which to pursue your case. Usually, this will involve filing a claim with the federal EEOC or California Department of Fair Housing. Careful case preparation on our part may enable us to achieve a fair settlement through mediation. If necessary, however, we will aggressively pursue your case in court.

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