Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is an all too common factor in the workplace. It can often be overwhelming for someone to deal with an offensive and hostile work environment. There are numerous questions that you may have prior to taking action as a result of such behavior. Objectively these matters may often be difficult to prove. Our firm’s experience allows us to properly advise you.

Orange County Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is a legal term which describes maltreatment or discrimination against an individual in the workplace. The resulting injuries can be both financial and emotional. These acts are counted as unlawful when an employee is threatened by termination if a sexual demand by a superior is refused or if a hostile work environment is created due to the discussion of sexual activities, needless touching, indicative postures, indecent gestures, commenting on physical attributes or using crude and offensive language by seniors or co-workers.

A Protective Legal Ally

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, the experienced attorneys at Farnell and Norman can help. We treat each case with respect and will work to help you recover any financial losses and punitive damages so that you can move on with your life. We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and will aggressively pursue every legal avenue.

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