Sexual Abuse

Being a victim of sex abuse is perhaps the most traumatic event that can befall an individual. The psychological fallout for the victim remains long after the perpetrator of the crime has served their sentence and can include post-traumatic stress disorder, increased risk of self-harm, depression, anxiety, issues with substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, problems with sleeping and eating, dissociative identity disorder, and suicidal ideation. If you or a loved one have been a victim of sex abuse, you should speak with a skilled sex abuse attorney about pursuing a personal injury civil litigation case against the perpetrator.

Southern California Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Sex abuse is commonly associated with minors; however, any crime involving one individual forcing sexual activity on a second non-consenting individual is technically a sex crime. This could include, for example, a caregiver for a developmentally disabled individual who sexually abuses their client, or a person who coerces his former significant other into having sex by using threats or intimidation.

If You Have Been a Victim of Sexual abuse, You May Be Entitled to Compensation.

Even if the perpetrator of the crime has been acquitted by the state in a criminal trial, if you can prove in a civil lawsuit that the offender is responsible for psychological and/or physical injuries to the victim, the offender becomes liable for damages. Your sex abuse attorney can help guide you through the civil litigation process by interviewing witnesses and soliciting experts. Sometimes there are other parties who share responsibility for the crime through their own negligence or misconduct. For example, a third individual may have helped contribute to an environment in which it was more likely that a crime could occur, and they may also be liable for damages if that proves to be true. In any event, the damages recovered after a successful sex abuse civil litigation can be used to pay for counseling for the victim and also as a source of financial stability should regular employment becomes impossible due to mental health issues. Although no amount of money can undo the trauma resulting from sex abuse, damages can help mitigate at least some of the material concerns involved in its aftermath.

Sensitive & Compassionate Help

It is important to call us immediately if you or a loved one has been the victim of child molestation, sexual assault, or any type of sexual abuse. Not only may issues involving statutes of limitations be a factor, but memories of both the victim and potential witnesses tend to become increasingly unreliable as time passes. Consult an aggressive personal injury attorney today about your sex abuse case. Even if the criminal justice system has failed you, a successful civil litigation may not only obtain compensation for you and your loved ones, but also deter the offender from committing a similarly heinous crime sometime in the future.

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